Fly a new spot every day!

Fly in the evening.

Camp overnight.

Fly the same spot but different direction in the morning.

Drive during the day to next location.

Different. Unique. Awesome

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These trips can be tough sometimes.

  • we sleep little: We wake up early in the morning because we want the best flying conditions.
  • we drive a lot: After the morning flight we drive most of the day to another amazing spot for the evening flight.
  • we build tents: We do mostly camping because this keeps us flexible in spot selection according to actual weather.
  • we smell bad sometimes: Shower is mostly available but sometimes we just skip it because we are too tired.
  • we are cold: Our fingers are freezing in flight when taking the photos of the mountains and glaciers, but we don’t care… because its worth it. Oh, so f* worth it.

Because we are here to maximize our paramotor experience. 

This is not a full-service vacation but rather a fantastically wild adventure. You will be exhausted, frightened and amazed.

Russel Ducker, Iceland 2019

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Adventure flying is a lot easier than it seems!

There are so many ways how to say no, but we are here to say yes>

  • People are afraid to do adventure flying because of all the things that may go wrong. This is why we are a team, to help each other.
  • Sometimes pilots don’t dare to fly far into the unknown away alone. Don’t worry, you are not alone on these trips. We will be with you.
  • Sometimes, pilots do not feel skilled and experienced enough. True, but is there a better way to learn than pushing your limits with a team of other skilled pilots?
  • All the logistics is sometimes a problem. This is why we are ready to go with van and trailer fully loaded with paramotoring gear and spare parts.
  • Sometimes its hard to plan and prepare the whole trip. This is why we will guide you and show you the best spots and see what others would miss. These trips are never boring.

How much experience you need for an adventure? Find out here: Click to watch video

Not exclusive for SCOUT pilots only!

Our trips are NOT exclusive for SCOUT pilots only! Pilots with other machines are very welcome to join us. We have always had great times and brands and colors do not matter.

However, quite often we have more pilots signed up for a trip than seats available. In this case SCOUT pilots will have priority boarding as our reward you for their loyalty. I am sure you will understand.

PRIORITY BOARDING: Following reservations will be confirmed immediately:

  • SCOUT owners who want to participate with their own paramotor
  • SCOUT owners who want to participate with a rental paramotor  (4 paramotors available)
  • any pilot who orders the trip with a brand new SCOUT paramotor (with relevant discount)

The deadline for priority boarding will be 90 days before the trip. After this day, pilots will be served on a first-come-first-served basis. 

If you are not a SCOUT pilot we will not be able to confirm your seat before the priority boarding deadline, after this date seats will be confirmed on a first-come-first-served basis. So do not hesitate! Again, brands and colors do not matter, we are all the same breed.

Calendar of adventures 2021

* Priority boarding:

Anyone can sign up and pilots with non-scout machines are our friends just as scout pilots. Up to this date SCOUT pilots will be given priority, we hope you understand.

Sign up here!

This is not binding yet.
After we check availability we will let you know.
Yes, we will request a down payment to confirm your commitment. 

Frequently asked questions:

Payment and refund policy.

These trips are independently organized by a non-profit organization. Participation fees will cover our costs and eventually create some margin to buffer unexpected costs. We are also slowly “consuming” our van on these trips and we hope the margin will allow us to buy a new one some day.

Down payment: 50% down payment will be required to confirm your seat. Remaining part will be due 90 days before the trip start.

Full refund: It the unfortunate case you would need to cancel your trip we will do our best to offer your seat to another pilot. In such case we will provide you with full refund. It may happen that we will not be able find anyone to take your seat, especially of you cancel too late. We will unfortunately have to keep your deposit to cover our cost of the trip. Chances are much better if canceled earlier, though.

the COVID-19 uncertainty on both sides:

2020 was a horrible season and we hope 2021 will be better, yet there are many risks and a lot of uncertainty involved. It my happen that you will not be allowed to travel due to closed borders. Or you may be allowed but accompanied restrictions would mean a burden too large for you. It may even happen we as your guides cannot travel to destination country. Different situations may arise:

  • if the whole trip needs to be canceled (for example we as your guides with van and trailer are not allowed to travel to destination country) we will provide full money refund. It will mean certain costs for us (we paid for the ferry in advance for example) but we will bear that.  Unfortunately, we cannot however cover your costs in such case (for example your plane ticket).
  • if all the participants will cancel, the trip will not take place and we will give all participants a full refund.
  • if you cancel your trip but the trip takes place for the other participants, our standard refund policy will be applied

Hey, no-one is happy about it, but what can we do, right?