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This can be you FLYING!

Have a SCOUT test flight

We are sorry fellow pilot, but there is no Scout dealers in your country. On the other hand, there are some SCOUT pilots  in here and we can arrange a test flight for you! Just fill the form and we will hook you up with scout machine.

Full money-back guarantee!

To make your order decision easier, we offer full money back guarantee with your SCOUT:

  • 21 days to test your brand new SCOUT. Make a few flights to be sure your truly deeply love your new paramotor
  • you may return the paramotor – no questions asked. Pack it carefully into the same box and ship it back
  • you will get full money refund

Ask for SCOUT or test flight

Do you want to become a Scout DEALER?

We are looking for schools and instructors to represent the SCOUT dealers brand worldwide.  We seek mutually beneficial cooperation to:

  • provide best service to our customers through qualified and trustworthy dealer/instructor close by
  • help our dealers get more students and customers by our promotional activities
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If you have some question about flying, paramotoring or just want to chat, we are here for you! Here, you can find all contacts you need to know! We have experts for everything 😉 CONTACT US

…or if you just want to check some of our epic adventures, or want to check some maintanance videos woth some insights into paramotor geometry, just check our YOUTUBE CHANELL

If you found everything you needed, check our YOUTUBE


find out, if there is any dealer near you, that can help you or help with a test flight. Contact HERE