variomatic propeller

33% better fuel consumption, same thrust? YES!

Continuously variable, Fully automatic, Bolt on!

The first in-flight adjustable propeller for paramotors.

In flight adjustable propellers have been around for a while, especially in fixed wing aircraft, but they have never successfully implemented in paramotors.
When We mentioned this idea to our propeller guy Dušan, at first he rejected it, because he believed that inflight adjustable systems are just too heavy, bulky, expensive, difficult to operate, slow to operate and they are not worth it. 
We prove him wrong!
We succeeded to design a system that is lightweight, relatively cheap, easy to operate. It’s actually fully automatic, and it’s totally beneficial because it saves 33% of fuel.
Check the idea from the beginning here: 
variomatic propeller_3

How it work? Spring vs lift.

Variomatic propeller have benefits of a ground adjustable propeller, without all the disadvantages. The principal is very simple:

Lower pitch = higher max RPM, more peak power- 10.1° over 6500 RPMQ

Higher pitch = lower max RPM more efficient at cruise- 13.1° until 6500 RPM

It’s fully automatic based on RPM/power on the propeller and the aerodinamical forces that act on propeller.

Check the video, all info there!
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Measurements, measurements, measurements…

After the theoretical portion, it was time for in-flight testing. We installed an external fuel tank. During the flight, we opened the valve to stop the suction from the main tank and at this point, we began measuring the time until the engine shut stop. After the first flight with fixed propeller, we repeated the same but with variomatic propeller. And it was a success!

Probably indestructible

New technology, applied in paramotoring for the first time: special protective layer for the leading edge to maximize protection from stones.

We want this prop to be also great value for the customer and last very very long. 

Real life testing?

Now we are doing a real-life and fair comparison. One blade of the prop was with the protective leading edge and the other was standard.

We footdragged 15 kilometres of sand beach in Iceland from Dyrholey to Skogar and then footdragged the gravel airfield in Skogar twice to see how much abuse it can take.

Watch this video till the end to see the difference between the standard and the new prop blade.


Yes, we know, there are a lot of questions…and we have the answers. We asked you on social media to ask us anything about the variomatic propeller (340 comments!) and these were your questions.


There is no development without a problems

The Variomatic propeller was put to the ultimate test during the Adventure Wingman expedition, a grueling 1100-mile unsupported paramotor adventure across challenging terrain and high altitudes.

As the expedition progressed, the propeller began to show signs of wear and tear on the mechanism, affecting its performance co shift. The Adventure Wingman expedition demonstrated the Variomatic propeller’s capabilities and limitations, but we already have a solution for this!

We are done!

The latest prototype arrived, and we set up a ground test. After conducting the test, we developed a special gadget to confirm the concept, and it worked!

With the successful confirmation of the shifting propeller concept, we can now proceed to the durability test.

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As previously mentioned, we have completed the development stage and are now in need of testers for the durability test. Please tell us a bit about yourself, and we will get back to you. Please, be aware, the variomatic propeller is only suited for Vittorazi Moster plus 185cc.