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Scout support scout user manuals and video tutorials

User manuals and video tutorials

Yes, you can read the boring manual or just watch video how it looks in real.

We have more than 60+ explanatory videos on different areas of paramotoring. That’s the Scout support you get!

maintanance header


Now is the time of the year to do the engine maintanance!

Inspect, clean, replace. Just keep the engine perfect.

You have some doubts, if you can do it by yourself? We have you covered! Here you can find all part you need for you maintanance. You need 100h or 200h set?

scout ask for help Scout support

Ask for help directly!

Maybe out tutorials did not solve your problem… ask for help and support directly or just write us or call us any time we will help you best we can.

scout spare parts Scout support

Need some spare parts? Next day shipping!

It happed to all of us. Bad landing and many regreats. But don’t worry, we get you in the air fast!

SCOUT paramotor parts – we got all spare parts for scout machine on stock. Just order on our eshop and we will shit to you next day!

You came to field and you just realized, that you motor is covered in oil? Yes we know where is problem. Old gasgets! Don’t worry, we got all you need on our eshop with next day shipping!

Scout support scout full moeny back guarantee

Full 12 months warranty

Yes, sometimes things go wrong. If we cannot fix it then we will replace it. We will keep you in the air, no matter what!

It is important to us, that your paramotor is always in the best condition for flying and that you will remain safe in the air on the safest paramotor ever build!

We value our customers so we offer them expectational Scout support.

Scout support scout full moeny back guarantee 1

Full-money back guarantee!

In the unlikely situation that the SCOUT does not meet your high expectations then we will give you full refund.

Scout support: No questions asked.

scout improvements Scout support

We walue your opinion!

What would you improve on your Scout? 

Tell what you want to chenge on your paramotor and we will look at it! Every idea counts!

scout FAQ Scout support


Why, where, when, who, how much, really?…. 

You can usk us anything so don’t hesitade! Let’s answear some questions with our Scout support!

Stay tuned and always be first informed

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