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Franck Simmonet tested the SCOUT Zero for almost two months and did dozens of flights to have a thorough experience.
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Franck Simonnet
Editor in chief

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“On my first flight I enjoyed making a few turns in a weak thermal indicated by a bird of prey whose usual observation post is in the tree at the corner of the airfield.”

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“Then, just release the throttle to feel the engine tilt backwards. The pilot then adopts a much more comfortable position, with their back tilted as is the case in paragliding. From that moment on, the magic happens, the promise of paragliding is fulfilled. The sensations correspond exactly”

1- The absence of rigid bars between the engine support and the wing carabiners. There is only fabric and flexible straps. This makes the takeoff sensations unusual, but once in flight, they are identical to those experienced in paragliding, comfortably installed in the harness.

2- The inclined position of the back is the same as in paragliding. Once in flight, a complex mechanism made up of titanium plates and cables automatically tilts the engine backward.

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