• SCOUT pod harness weight: 3.7 kg including foam protector (size L)
  • optional climb assist weight  + 15.1 kg 
    • Vittorazi Atom 80 engine, 15 HP, two stroke
    • 125 cm propeller
    • fuel capacity 6 litres
    • fuel consumption level flight 2.5 l/hour = more than 2 hours of flight
    • time to climb 600 metres: 5 minutes  (climb rate 1.8 m/s for 90kg pilot @ Gin Carrera L
  • Harness sizes:
    • The main harness comes in two sizes S/M and L/XL
    • The leg cover comes in four sizes S, M, L and XL
  • Prices: you can find all prices in our eshop HERE

Innovations & High-tech

  • Patented variable geometry for reclined position in-flight
  • Main mechanism made of Grade 5 Titanium
  • Shape designed by artificial intelligence for maximum strength-to-weight ratio
  • Lightweight nylon plastic with carbon reinforcement
  • Patented Dynamic torque compensation
  • Aerodynamic profile to reduce drag
  • Carbon reinforcement
  • Low-drag Dyneema netting
  • Uncompromised paragliding feel
scout zero 3D
scout zero harness

Harness features

  • Regular paragliding pod harness – no metal bars
  • Wide range of adjustability
  • Easy access buckles
  • Sophisticated pulley system for easy getting-out
  • High-strength Dyneema cord
  • Certified back protector
  • Front reserve parachute container 
  • Instrument deck
  • Two side pockets
  • Front underseat pocket
  • Rear pocket 
  • Water system routing
  • Multi-directional stretch lightweight fabric
  • High visibility color
  • 4 different sizes

In flight features

  • Primer accessible in the air
  • Easy to start in the air
  • Very easy for maintenance
zero technical specifications


  • Backpack shoulder straps for easy carrying 
  • Waist belt like on a good backpack for easy carrying
  • Customized stand
  • Packs small
  • Ready-to-fly in 10 minutes 

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Frequently asked questions

Gliders are usually rated for a weight range of around 20 kg. The climb assist adds 12-15kg to your gear so you should be able to fit in for both free flight and assisted flight.

If you are somewhere in the middle or bottom of the weight range of your current glider, you will be OK.

If you are already on the top side of your glider’s weight range, you may need a larger glider. But try it with the glider you have and you will see.

Sure. We are big fans of progress and sure we would like to go electric. We started with a very compact 2-stroke engine. But any engine can be installed in the next step.

Are you a manufacturer of electric systems (motor, batteries, controller)? Please contact us regarding potential cooperation: miroslav@scoutaviation.com

Yes, it is relatively loud when you add power. But you only use the engine for 5 minutes for the initial climb and then switch it off. No need to wear ear cups on your helmet.


fun fact #1:
The most noise comes from the propeller. So even electric version in the future will not reduce noise levels dramatically. Sorry.

fun fact #2:
The Atom 80 engine is one of the quietest engines when on idle. You can comfortably have a conversation with the engine running on your back. You can totally hear your vario beeping while engine running on idle. 

Yes, it does. 
No, we did not measure yet how much. But it seems surprisingly little.

Sure, if you have the option to fly without climb assist, go for it. Flying without climb assist is surely better. But flying with climb assist is surely better than not flying at all.

The Atom 80 has a centrifugal clutch. So when you go off power the propeller will keep spinning with momentum and slow down almost to full stop. But it will never fully stop because it acts like a windmill. The prop slowly spinning is is quiet.

fun fact#3:
The spinning propeller actually serves as a airspeed indicator. When you pull the brakes to prevent the glider from overshooting you can actually hear the prop to slow down. It reminds you not to hold too long… not, this is not a feature, this is a side effect.

Sure. A folding prop is on our task list. They have been around for a few years, not complicated at all. 

First we focus on fine-tuning the scout pod harness and making it ready for the pilots. The first scout pod harnesses will be available with regular propellers.

The folding prop will be an available upgrade later. 

Yes. The SCOUT paragliding pod harness pack very small as it does not have any rigid frame. The cage splits into individual tubes so all you end up is the engine which is quite compact.

The SCOUT pod harness including a travel case fits within the airline limits for checked-in luggage. Make sure the engine is clean and you get rid of gasoline smell. 

In the US the rules do not allow to check-in any engines. even if they were completely new. Sorry.

It would probably be great as secondary paramotor for traveling. It packs very compact and it is light. You would surely love the comfortable reclined position.  

But for regular paramotor flying you will face some disadvantages:

  • the fuel capacity is small for ppg
  • for aggressive handling and tight powered turns with small advanced reflex gliders you would benefit from some rigid structures = frame on your back and gooseneck bars
  • the scout pod harness would probably not accept more powerful motors than the atom 80. Again, you need rigid structures for that.
  • you have your legs in front of you in all the photos you take:-)

The SCOUT pod harness is not a paramotor. If it was, it would be the worst paramotor we have ever designed. As everything, it has its benefits and disadvantages. 

If you want a lightweight paramotor, get a lightweight paramotor. A SCOUT One Enduro paramotor with Atom 80 would be an option. 

Some sophisticated electric solutions on the market cost 12-15 thousand eur. Luckily, using a combustion engine helps us to keep the prices a lot lower than that.

Although it is not a paramotor the price might be similar as it contains the same things (harness, engine, prop, …) plus a ton research, development and engineering

SCOUT carbon paramotors are priced around 7-10 thousand eur including VAT. So that might be the range. 

scout zero take off

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