Another helpfull tutorials for your motor

Please note that the tutorials for adjusting the carburetor are made for Vittorazi Moster Plus 185. The process for Atom 80 is similar.

SCOUT Zero service notice 2024/02

Dear customer,

Thank you for your trust in our brand and our brand new product. During the first year after introducing the product to the market we have learned our lesson and we want to address certain issues and implement some improvements.

Some of these might already have been implemented (depending on the time of your purchase)  and hence might be irrelevant.

  • Recommended to replace preventively
    • Replacing the plastic stopper for the bowden with aluminum
    • New top bowden guide
    • New bungee leash on the foot-rest
    • Reinforced spar at the top
  • Recommended to check
    • Thinner washer at the top lever
    • Replacing the pin for the bottom hook
    • Additional wrap on the bowden strap
  • Only in case of malfunction
    • New bowden flexible fitting
    • Broken D-ring for the leg cover

This is the first service notice and we promise it will not be the last. We will keep improving the product steadily and infinitely. Should you have any tips for improvement, please contact me directly at